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Maxwell SmartTarget

Maxwell SmartTarget

Imagine if the problems with color targets just went away. All the configuring and converting and memorizing. Gone

Now imagine technology so simple that you could pick any patch from any target. Combine targets to save page space and extract patches and targets from other targets seamlessly.

Imagine grabbing patch sets based on ideas like neutral, flesh tone, customer color - then reporting on them. Imagine dot gain curves etc without worrying about where the patches came from.

Imagine sending multiple target types, or multiple target layouts, or multiple target scramblings, into the same track with zero configuration - the system just works it all out.

Imagine printing scrambled targets but viewing them unscrambled.

Imagine recognizing devices, workflows, papers, customers - by target patterns.

Imagine your equipment downloading the information it needs to measure. Automatically.

That's SmartTarget.

Or at least what we're able to talk about so far.

Patent-pending technology in Maxwell (and Curve2, Curve3, and Curve4 and soon ColorThink Pro) Automatic indexing of uploaded colors Automatic reconciliation of targets Advantages: Zero target configuration Rapid patch extraction Rapid target sub-setting - great for metrics Used in Curve 2/3/4 for OneRun™ targets Basically the target problem goes away

Reference Sets

Bundled control of: Color Aims Metrics (Avg dE, Max dE, etc) Units (dE76, dE2000, etc) Tolerances Patch selection & sub-setting Easy Admin Apply company-wide methods & policies to multiple tracks Color Aims - flexible & easy to handle popular references available upload & use anything, any patch order, SmartTarget handles it use 1st measurement

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