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MeasureWatch Service

‘’’Pat's comment: This page talks a lot about the reasons a customer needs this service, but does not describe how MeasureWatch actually works. Is this intentional? A customer is going to want to see at least a little something describing what he's actually buying. -P ’’’ ‘’’Rick's response: Ok. I have two suggestions: 1. Add a 'Here's how it works' section (I've added one below), 2. Can you add an in-window video of an i1Pro COLORef and MW process? Or at least a link to a YouTube video? -R ‘’’

MeasureWatch Verify

MeasureWatch Verify is a service of Maxwell specifically for tracking spectrophotometer instrument accuracy and performance over time. Rather than track the variation in your printer, this track is dedicated to tracking your measurement instrument. The Maxwell Client and Maxwell Online work together to make this particularly easy:

  • We send you a reference strip (the Vogelsong COLORef),
  • and create a MeasureWatch track for your instrument.


Actual example of a failing measurement instrument

MeasureWatch keeps an eye on your instruments, giving you confidence in your QC and saving you money.

When it comes to your color, what do you really know?

Can your verification system survive one level of questioning?

Do your customers' instruments agree with yours?

"My proofer is within 2 delta-E" ... do you really know that?

Instruments Differ Verify Accuracy Achieve Compliance 4
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Four causes of instrument differences

Repeatability (noise and drift)
Your instrument can vary over time. Sometimes it's caused by noise making each measurement (of the same patch) change a bit. Other times it's caused by the instrument changing due to its lamp fading, calibration patch getting dirty, or other factors.

Inter-instrument disagreement

Standardizing on a single instrument model doesn't always mean your measurements will be identical. Instrument aging and other factors will make them differ over time.

Inter-model disagreement

Instrument technology, filters, configuration and physics can give different numbers from the same samples. You might choose one instrument for speed and another for flexibility. Understand how their differences affect your errors.

Inter-manufacturer disagreement

Instruments from different manufacturers might be calibrated to different standards, make use of different math or follow different design methodologies.

MeasureWatch will help you determine what is contributing the most to your measurement differences. Weed out the bad instruments. Know when variation is due to the media or other factors.

MeasureWatch Control - control and document your measurements

MeasureWatch Control

MeasureWatch Control is included with all Maxwell color measurement services. We feel it's imperative that you trust your measurements.

MeasureWatch Verify - track your color instruments

Example of a trend report

Confirm the accuracy of your color instruments:

Achieve compliance with less work and money

Actual example of a failing measurement instrument

  • XRGA does NOT verify instruments in the field
  • Just key in the serial number and go! No need to upload files.

Supported instruments

ManufactureModelSupported? Notes
X-Rite i1Pro yes
X-Rite i1Pro2 yes
X-Rite i1iSis yes
X-Rite i1iSis2 yes
X-Rite eXact yes Works along with X-Rite DataCatcher
Techkon Spectrodrive yes
Konica Minolta FD-9 yes
Barbieri LFP yes
Barbieri Spectropad yes
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